Perfecting the web with augmented reality.

Applause AR helps businesses transform their online digital products + content into world class augmented reality (AR) experiences activated across Web AR, Social AR and Mobile AR.


Applause AR digital agency creates next generation AR / MR / VR / ML solutions tailored for business + mobile websites.

Business Website Owners Applause AR WebAR Company

We offer full management, 3D content creation, UI/UX, website integration & hosting of a companies AR environment.

Applause AR brings products to life via the incredible power of next generation technologies. Harnessing the true sense of size, scale, and detail that our augmented reality technology provides. 

Your viewers will be captivated with a uniquely immersive visual experience seamlessly integrated into your digital ecosystem.  

Helping to support and build value-added engagement opportunities and to leverage return on your marketing investments. (ROI).

Best of all, you are enhancing the world around your customers, to create new conversations, entertain and drive interaction of your products and services. 

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AR services include;
  • Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality Consultancy
  • Full 3D Content Creation + Production + Distribution
  • AR / MR / VR Strategy + Implementation
  • WebAR + SocialAR + MobileAR Publishing
  • Immersive Product Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design + CX Focused
  • Website AR Workflow + Implementation
  • Online Shopping Cart Integration
  • AR SEM + AR SEO + Analytics
  • Broad Industry Experience across Immersive Applications ( known as XR)
  • USDZ / GLTF 3D Model Creation + Conversion Tools
  • Immersive Analytics + ROI Focus on all Projects

We understand how to create ongoing value through AR communications & technology.

We craft purposeful Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (known as XR) digital experiences that are focused on user-centered experience design.

Seamlessly integrating and publishing AR content across a variety of channels including Web AR, Social AR and Mobile AR. 

We offer photorealistic AR content that is delivered in real-time to users via web browsers on iOS and Android mobile devices.

We can help you define and focus on solving real industry problems, deliver digital brand activations, produce event AR experiences, create virtual prototypes and evoke tailored learning and discovery across new audiences.

Increase engagement opportunities, SEO and return on investment (ROI) across digital marketing.

AR Experiences + Specialties​

Advanced Website Enabled AR

Our advanced website AR integrations allow website and business owners the instant capabilities of showcasing their products and services in AR directly through their website user interface (UI). Allowing online users the ability to experience new AR capabilities without the need to download an app.

AR Asset Creation + 2D/3D Products

The true power behind AR! From simple to complex asset creation of products, animals, humans and video, we've got you covered.

Shopping Cart WebAR Integration

Use CartMagician to instantly showcase and visualise products using AR directly in your online store shopping cart. Boosting sales conversions, ROI and engagement without the need of downloading an app on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Improve SEO + SEM across Web AR

Business owners can improve website engagement, SEO and site traffic through implementing Web AR across business websites and online marketing.

Realtime Planning in AR

View or configure any room or area in real-time using AR. Overlay floorplans, place, move and remove assets like an entire home, some furniture or walls so you can plan more efficiently and get a true sense of location and space.

Shared AR Experiences

Enable live collaborative immersive sessions or SocialAR interactions between multiple users, shared experiences that unite. Think building a collaborative world map, educational discovery tour, shopping or intimate tourism experience.

Photogrammetry AR Realism

Providing stunning accuracy, we can map almost any area of the planet topographically to provide your users with a unique way-finding experiences for educational, tourism and other industry uses.

Terrain + Mapping in AR

Providing stunning accuracy, we can map almost any area of the planet topographically to provide your users with a unique way-finding experiences for educational, tourism and other industry uses.

Large Scale, Hidden + Complex

Yes we can create AR experiences to visualise buildings at scale or hidden underground infrastructure. Perfect for users to experience commercial and residential developments from the showroom to onsite walk through visualisations.

Opening Doors to New Realities

Our mixed reality allows users to step through a 'portal' widow in real life, and subsequently explore any environment or location on the other side. Tailor the user journey experience with AR interactions to reveal new content within the portanl and display the information you want.

Case Study:

CartMagician AR makes online shopping in augmented reality a reality for small business.

Easily enhance WooCommerce Shopping Cart capabilities in as little as 5 minutes with CartMagician Augmented Reality.

CartMagician AR provides your customers the benefits of viewing online products in an instant in their own environment. Users can virtually try products prior to purchase or share them socially across their network.

Improve Sales Conversions & SEO Engagement

Boost your online shop conversion and engagement rates significantly by providing unique AR experiences for users.

Easy Shop Integration

Quickly enhance your online products and stores capabilities. Shoppers see products instantly to gain a sense of scale, size and detail.

No App Downloads

Remove the road block of app downloads. CartMagician works with the mobile browsers (Safari, Chrome or FireFox). Simply tap on the AR product icon and you can view the in AR.

Let's create something amazing!

Discover new ways to engage audiences, boost engagement and conversions across eCommerce and general website activity. 

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We are inspired by the people we meet and the relationships we keep.

With 8 years experience perfecting our augmented craft and 15+ years delivering branding, digital, events and business websites we have been extremely fortunate to have partnered with an amazing array of forward-thinking clients and industries. 

Continually adapting our focus and strategies to meet client needs and as technology evolves.

As an approved developer, platform provider and immersive content producer we continue to ensure that the businesses we partner are in safe hands. Continuing to grow and leverage the opportunities that technology brings across marketing and events, education and training, retail, sales, new products and production prototypes, MVP, visualisation tools and property design and urban planning development to outline a few of the many opportunities.

Supporting business growth through enabling AR technology across industry partnerships